A statement from John Berry regarding Kryptos
Saturday, September 23, 2017 RSS Feeds

Disappointingly, we have decided this morning that Kryptos, who would clearly have had a very good chance in the Betfred Cambridgeshire next weekend, shall not run again this year.  

I was very disappointed to detect a slight amount of heat in his near foreleg when I fed him at 6.00 last night. While this was only very slight, it made me concerned enough to seek a second opinion this morning from our vet David Dugdale of Newmarket Equine Hospital.  

While the horse is 100% sound and is only showing minimal signs of any problem, David and I share the opinion that, while there is nothing there at present which ought to interfere with his racing career next year and beyond, it would be unwise to run him again this season because, as we have detected a slight warning sign, we might find that another race in the near future might cause some long-term damage.  

While it would be very tempting to run Kryptos next weekend in such a valuable race in which he would have such a good chance, no race is worth taking an unnecessary risk with a horse's long-term future and welfare.  Consequently, after discussion with his owner Tony Fordham, we have decided that Kryptos will begin his winter holiday straightaway, rather than in another month's time.

Tony and I both felt that we wanted to get this information into the public domain as quickly as possible as the Betfred Cambridgeshire is a race which attracts big ante-post betting and we want to minimise the chances of people losing their money by backing a horse who isn’t going to run.

We've been immensely privileged to have Kryptos in the stable this season. His record of three wins and two places from just five starts speaks for itself. God willing we can look forward to welcoming him back for a fruitful campaign in 2018.